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Our speaker is Michael Gorden. Michael is a new member of the Broomfield Rotary club having transferred from Las Vegas. Michael is a business outreach specialist whose focus is Strategic planning, budgeting, organizational skills, presentation skills, personnel management, proposal writing, and research design & reports.
A former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and Group Exchange student, Michael shares his experiences on how Rotary opened doors, starting in South Africa, to Las Vegas Rotary club, and now the Broomfield Rotary club.
Last week was a good one for our club as we hosted 8 guests. Hopefully, some liked what they heard about our club and want to learn more. Thanks to speakers all of whom did a great job.
(Bill Downes, Maren, Chris Nims, Nan Jarvis, Jamie, and Bob Z)
This Saturday will be a VITALLY important day for the future of our club. We need you to participate. This will be our visioning event. It will be at Mount Vernon beginning at 8:30. Please arrive at 8 for a breakfast of bagels, fruit and coffee. We want to start at 8:30 and if we do, we will conclude by 12:30 or before.
Here’s what will happen:
1. We’ll all participate in a brainstorming exercise concerning the future direction of the club.
2. Next, we’ll narrow the collective consensus to a manageable list of what the group thinks is vitally important to achieve our vision.
3. Then, in follow-up session(s) we’ll plan how the list of items within the vision will be achieved.
This process has been used scores of times by district 5450 clubs and it works. It is not unusual for clubs to say they owe their success to visioning.
The team who is coming to facilitate this event is a veteran team with dozens of successful visioning events under their belts.
Please be part of this session. Let’s have everyone there.
See you Wed. and Saturday.
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Zoom ID: 822 3249 3564 Zoom Passcode: rotary
Zoom Phone Number: (719) 359-4580 Phone Passcode: 478734