This week our speaker is Richard Chatham and Britney Logue….They provide guide dogs for youth.
Things are going badly with the pandemic. Each day there are new higher numbers of cases. Thankfully more Americans are surviving the virus because of what we have learned about treatment. 
Our board has agreed that meeting face to face is not a good plan at this time, so we will use zoom exclusively until further notice. The URL link is in the bottom of this bulletin in the footer.
We are all sick of meeting on- line and we yearn for the face to face meeting we so cherish. We can choose to complain, or we can make the most of the opportunity zoom provides. I think we all choose the latter. There are severe needs in our community and we are planning to work in new ways to help Inspire and EChO.
First….the “Let’s do it day” of projects for our district has been defined. WE WILL CONDUCT A FOOD DRIVE FOR ECHO, who is in great need as many of their traditional food sources have been disrupted.
So…..please begin now to fill your garage with appropriate non perishable items. We will drop them off to a central distribution point just prior to Dec. 5th, than give to EChO on Dec. 7th.  We also intend to involve the public, so perhaps an opportunity to meet others outside our club as we serve the community.  So…………let the food collection begin….soup, canned meats, pasta, veggies, chili are a few examples.
Work is under way for the Ice Melt.  Like the golf tournament, the pandemic changes how we go about making the project work for our charities.  We probably will not be able to sell tickets at King Soopers and the liquor store. It would not be prudent to meet the public face to face in these times.
It will also be more difficult for you to sell your normal compliment of tickets as you will not be out and about as much. So, we are planning, like many businesses, to adapt to an on- line effort to sell tickets. As soon as the website is up and functioning, we will demo how the on-line sales channel will work. It’s just as easy as buying something from Amazon.
If you can be a sponsor, please let Trent know that you will do so.  You will be getting your tickets in the mail soon. We are expecting each member to sell or otherwise be responsible for the sale of $100 of tickets. I know everyone will do their part in this difficult year.
It’s easy to be a Rotarian serving the community when all factors are supporting us. Two hundred and forty-four years ago the author of “Common Sense”, Thomas Paine wrote “These are the times that try men’s soul.” The tyranny Americans faced was stifling, but we too are facing the stifling tyranny of an illness that just will not go away. We can still do those things Rotarians do, we just must adapt and persevere.
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