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Tomorrow is our annual Golf Tournament.  This is our 22nd edition. It was first run by Larry Madden. Today’s tournament still uses formats defined by Larry and his team.  This year P.J. is leading our project for the second year. Over the years, we have become better and better at running the tournament.
After a few years of the tournament, we decided to combine efforts with Evergreen Park and Recreation’s tournament. That’s when our profitability began to rise dramatically.
I am without financial records, but we can say conservatively that we have donated over a half a million dollars to charities with golf tournament proceeds.
Recently we have raised from 30 to 40 thousand dollars each year. Some years ago, we renamed the tournament after Andy Smith Senior, who was a generous supporter for many years, that support continues by his sons and his widow. Many of our tournament participants play each year because they want to support the special needs program, Inspire. Others come to play Hiwan, one of Colorado’s top golf courses. Even though Hiwan is private, they open their doors to non-members at outings like ours.
Even if you are not working at the tournament, come by and check it out tomorrow morning, and be sure to be at our meeting Wed. to hear how we did.
I didn’t schedule a program, but the story I have planned to share will entertain, I promise.
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Zoom ID: 822 3249 3564 Zoom Passcode: rotary
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